Heroes Of Might And Magic

The Academy faction represents the mages of Asha, with plenty of ranged units and some infantry units. It's mainly lacking in quick, cavalry units. Their Magic Guild spells include Light Magic, Summoning Magic, and Dark Magic, with Library built.


  • Gremlins; upgrade Master Gremlins or Gremlin Saboteurs.
  • Stone Gargoyles; upgrade Obsidian Gargoyles or Elemental Gargoyles.
  • Iron Golems; upgrade Steel Golems or Magnetic Golems.
  • Magi; upgrade Archmagi or Battle Mages.
  • Djinni; upgrade Djinn Sultans or Djinn Viziers.
  • Rakshasa Ranis; upgrade Rakshasa Rajas or Rakshasa Kshatras.
  • Colossuses; upgrade Titans or Storm Titans.

Note: second upgrades are available with the Tribes of the East expansion.


The following buildings can be built in Academy towns:

  • Village Hall; upgrade Town Hall --> City Hall --> Capitol.
  • Tavern.
  • Blacksmith.
  • Marketplace; upgrade Resource Silo.
  • Worskhop, upgrade Gremlin Manufactory.
  • Magic Guild.
  • Arcane Forge.
  • Golem Forge; upgrade Golem Foundry.
  • Stone Parapet; upgrade Obsidian Parapet.
  • Fort; upgrade Citadel --> Castle.
  • Artifact Merchant.
  • Mage Tower; upgrade Archmage Tower.
  • Altar of Wishes; upgrade Pinnacle of Wishes.
  • Library.
  • Treasure Cave.
  • Shipyard.
  • Silver Pavilion; upgrade Golden Pavilion.
  • Skyship; Tear of Asha required.
  • Cloud Coliseum; upgrade Thundercloud Coliseum.


The playable heroes from the Academy faction include:

  • Nur
  • Faiz
  • Havez
  • Razzak
  • Nathir
  • Narxes
  • Jhora
  • Galib