Catherine Gryphonheart-Ironfist
Catherine Ironfist image
Vital statistics
Title Ruler of Enroth Ruler of Erathia
Gender female
Race human
Faction Erathia
Health  ???
Level  ???
Status died in the reckoning
Location  ???



In Armageddon's BladeEdit

During the battle against Xeron, Catherine Ironfist was met by a visitor described as "a tall slender man dressed in long robes, his face hidden behind an azure hood. The silver runic trim of the deep blue robes glimmers slightly, diverting attention away from his withdrawn countenance. All that is visible of this mysterious man's face is his neatly trimmed black beard and strong lower jaw. He speaks in low tones, barely above a whisper, with a slight accent noticeable." Claiming he represented the Conflux, he spoke:

"Greetings, Catherine Ironfist of Enroth. I am called Tamar the Wanderer. I am a walker of the planes, a seeker of knowledge, a protector of lives worth saving. I am also the Elemental Lord of Air. I come here this day to share with you a vision I have had. In this vision I saw possible futures, both of light and of shadow. You just passed a crossroads, Catherine, choosing the path of Light. There are others, loved ones and those trusted deeply, who now face that same crossroad. They are beginning to choose a path, which may be divergent from yours. It is not too late to alter their course. They can be persuaded to return to the path carved in the sun, as opposed to the one entrenched in the night. Choose wisely Catherine, for if you do not help those whom you love and trust, I fear you will know much grief."




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