Heroes Of Might And Magic

A Conscript as it appears in HoMMV

A Conscript is an upgraded version of a Peasant. They are more useful than their non-upgraded fellows due to their Bash ability and their higher stats, although they are still one of the weakest units in the game.

Game Description[]

The Conscripts are the basic infantry of the Holy Griffin Empire. Though relatively weak and partially trained, they are numerous. The Conscripts are expert at the art of stunning their enemy in melee.


Faction: Haven

Cost 25 gold
Attack 1
Defense 2
Damage 1-2
Hit Points 6
Range None
Morale 0
Luck 0
Speed 4
Initiative 8


  • Living Creature: This creature is living so it can be resurrected.
  • Bash: At every attack creature has a chance to stun the enemy so they won't be able to retaliate and lose initative(mechanical creatures are not affected).
  • Taxpayer: Every day the hero gets as many units of gold as there are creatures with this ability in all their armies and castles. In other words, if a hero had 42 peasants in his group and 14 peasants garrisoned at the castle, that hero would get 56 gold per day from those peasants.