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This is how a Crossbowman looks in HoMMV.

Crossbowmen are the other upgrade to Archers, the other being Marksmen. Crossbowmen are only available with the Tribes of the East expansion. They are useful for their ability to shoot at no penalty no matter how far away the target is, making them an excellent anti-ranged ranged unit(Yes, that statement makes sense). While they are more offensive-oriented than their Marksman pals, they're still only useful at higher levels in high quantities. Sorry, guys!

Game DescriptionEdit

With the new government has come some new technologies, and improved equipment has given the Griffin Empire their Crossbowmen. Their sophisticated crossbows have a firing range that is twice that of other bows.


Faction: Haven

Cost 80 gold
Attack 5
Defense 4
Damage 2-8
Hit Points 10
Range Max
Morale 0
Luck 0
Speed 4
Initiative 8


  • Shooter: This creature can deal damage remotely. When the distance to target is more than half the arena, the target suffers only half the normal damage. Shooter cannot use ranged attack when blocked by enemy creature. If there's no Ammo Cart in the army, the number of shots are limited by available ammo.
  • No Range Penalty: Shooter has no penalty for damage inflicted during ranged attack, provided the distance is over half the arena.
  • Living Creature: This creature is living so it can be resurrected.
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