H3 town dungeon

Dungeon town from Heroes 3 beta


Resource requirements - lots of ore, sulfur, and gold; some building dependencies


Caves trogolodites

trogldyte caves atrwork

Excellent balance; best mobility; average over-all cost; tons of useful specials; good for siege combat + troops: Evil Eyes/Medusas are a deadly combo; Minotaur Kings, simply put, kick @$$; a "ranged", no retaliation flyer; B. Dragons are still worth the cost Scorpicores a bit on the whimpy side for their level; Medusa Queens get only 8 shots; B. Dragons are the only unit in the game which cannot be salvaged

important upgrades: Harpies, Medusas, Red Dragons

Special buildingsEdit

The special buildings contained in the dungeon are among the most useful non-creature structures in any town. The Battle Scholar's Academy can be built immediately and gives a +1000 experience bonus, giving all your heroes a small boost over other enemy forces early in the game. The Mana Vortex is extremely helpful because it temporarily doubles your hero's spell points. The dungeon can also summon other monsters by using its Portal of Summoning, which allows the dungeon player to recruit a random creature from any externally flagged dwelling. The Artifact Merchant is another useful building because it allows you to buy artifacts that may not be accessible otherwise. Unfortunately, to take advantage of this benefit, you must amass a large amount of resources. The Resource Silo of this town produces Sulfur, while the Blacksmith builds the useful Ballista. Grail building - Guardian of the Earth +12 power to any defending hero


level 5 Mage Guild; spell restrictions: Air Elemental, Animate Dead, Death Ripple, Prayer


Overlord: very similar to a Knight in abilities; useful specials include Logistics and $350/day Warlock: strongest spell caster; weakest fighter; very good specials (Ressurection, Metor Shower, Sorcery, Stone Skin)


VII. Best opponent - Fortress: faced with such ranged fire power, the Fortress troops cannot afford a gradual advance; the Wyvern/Serpent Fly will die under the Minotaur's axe before the rest can get into hand-to-hand range

VIII. Worst foe- the Dungeon matches up well against any town

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