Heroes Of Might And Magic

The Fortress faction, representing the dwarves, specializes in defensive infantry units, lacking in fast units or flyers. Their Magic Guild specializes in Light Magic and Destruction Magic. The Fortress faction requires the Hammers of Fate or Tribes of the East expansions to play; Tribes of the East also includes Hammers of Fate expansion data.


The units available to the Fortress faction include:

  • Defenders; upgrade Shieldguards or Mountain Guards.
  • Spearwielders; upgrade Skirmishers or Harpooners.
  • Bear Riders; upgrade Blackbear Riders or Whitebear Riders.
  • Brawlers; upgrade Berserkers or Battleragers.
  • Rune Priests; upgrade Rune Patriarchs or Rune Keepers.
  • Thanes; upgrade Flame Lords or Thunder Thanes.
  • Fire Dragons; upgrade Magma Dragons or Lava Dragons.

Note: second upgrades require the Tribes of the East expansion.


The following buildings can be built in Fortress towns:

  • Village Hall; upgrade Town Hall --> City Hall --> Capitol.
  • Marketplace; upgrade Resource Silo.
  • Guard Post.
  • Tavern.
  • Shield Barracks; upgrade Shield Halls.
  • Blacksmith.
  • Blade Barracks; upgrade Blade Halls.
  • Runic Shrine.
  • Magic Guild.
  • Fort; upgrade Citadel --> Castle.
  • Fighting Ring; upgrade Fighting Square.
  • Bear Pens; upgrade Blackbear Pens.
  • Runic Chapel; upgrade Runic Temple.
  • Stoneworks.
  • Runic Sanctuary.
  • Wrestler's Arena.
  • Clan Halls; upgrade Clan Palace.
  • Blazing Anvil; Tear of Asha required.
  • Shipyard.
  • Lava Fissure; upgrade Magma Rift.


The playable heroes of the Fortress faction include:

  • Ebba
  • Brand
  • Erling
  • Ingvar
  • Helmar
  • Karli
  • Inga
  • Svea