Heroes Of Might And Magic

The Haven group is the group representing the ordinary humankind, consisting mainly of infantry, with some cavalry and fliers. Their Mage's Guild spells include Summoning Magic, Light Magic, and Dark Magic.


The units in the Haven faction include:

  • Peasants; upgrade Conscripts or Brutes.
  • Archers; upgrade Marksmen or Crossbowmen.
  • Footmen; upgrade Squires or Vindicators.
  • Griffins; upgrade Imperial Griffins or Battle Griffins.
  • Priests; upgrade Inquisitors or Zealots.
  • Cavaliers; upgrade Paladins or Champions.
  • Angels; upgrade Archangels or Seraphs.

Note: The third upgrades are only available with the expansion Tribes of the East.


The buildings inside of Haven towns include:

  • Village Hall; upgrade Town Hall --> City Hall --> Capitol.
  • Tavern.
  • Blacksmith.
  • Marketplace; upgrade Resource Silo.
  • Peasant Huts; upgrade Peasant Cabins.
  • Archer Tower; upgrade Marksman Tower.
  • Barracks; upgrade Garrison.
  • Magic Guild.
  • Farms.
  • Fort; upgrade Citadel --> Castle.
  • Griffin Tower; upgrade Griffin Bastion.
  • Training Grounds.
  • Stables.
  • Monastery; upgrade Cathedral.
  • Hall of Heroes.
  • Jousting Arena; upgrade Order of Paladins.
  • Shipyard.
  • Elrath's Sentinel; Tear of Asha required.
  • Altar of Light; upgrade Altar of Heaven.


The Heroes of the Haven faction include:

  • Rutger
  • Vittorio
  • Maeve
  • Laszlo
  • Ellaine
  • Dougal
  • Klaus
  • Irina