This fan-created set of campaigns for Heroes of Might and Magic V was first announced in October 2006. Abandoning the new storyline of Heroes V's campaigns to return to the classic Might and Magic universe, the campaigns are set in Axeoth, the world of Heroes of Might and Magic IV and Might and Magic IX. They act as a continuation of the Heroes IV campaigns, featuring both old and new heroes from throughout the series.

Notable returning characters include Malustar, Solmyr, Gauldoth, Emilia Nighthaven, Darkstorm and Escaton. Fan reaction to the campaigns has been very positive, and this site considers their events to be canon. There are four separate campaigns, or "Books", two of which have been released. It has been revealed that the third book will be released sometime before Heroes VI...

The campaigns were created by Marzhin, who frequents the Heroes Round Table. Artwork for the campaigns is created by Jean-Mathias Xavier. Ubisoft has given the campaigns a seal of "Approved Might and Magic Content". The official site for Legends of the Ancients is here, hosted by Celestial Heavens.

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