Heroes Of Might And Magic

The Gathering Storm was released on September 24, 2002 and was the first expansion released for Heroes of Might & Magic IV. It follows the journeys of Bohb the Archmage, Agraynel the Bard, Kozuss the Wizard, Dogwoggle the Barbarian, and Alita the Necromancer who must defeat the Wizard Hexis before he can dominate the world and destroy the kingdom of Devonshire.

New features[]

In addition to the six new campaigns and twenty maps are four new creatures which can only be purchased at map structures and are apparently created as a result of Hexis' powers. The creatures are: the Goblin Knight (level 3 - Chaos) which has 50% magic resistance, stone skin, and negate first strike; Dark Champion (level 4 - Death) which has a charge bonus, terror, and regeneration; Gargantuan (level 4 - Nature) which has a ranged attack, shoots twice, and no melee penalty; and Evil Sorceress (level 4 - Order) which has teleport, magic mirror, and can cast spells (Banish, Mass Cancellation, Implosion, and Mass Slow). There are eleven new adventuring map locations, sixteen new artifacts which you will find in the campaigns and provides bonus abilities if you wear some of them, and a new music track.


Master of Magic has five maps and follows Bohb the Archmage who knows every single school of magic and his sidekick Violet as he acquires five artifacts used by the legendary archmage Nevar.

Opposites Attract has four maps and is the story of Kozuss who knows both Chaos and Order magic as he locates the Ice Scales, Chaos Flame, and the Necklace of Balance.

Another Bard's Tale has three maps and is where Agraynel locates Aiffe's Mandolin. She's starts out as a Bard which is the advanced class which combines Nature and Stealth which gives the hero maximum luck.

Might Makes Right has three maps and is how Dogwoggle makes a fashion statement by finding the Tiger Armor and Tiger Helm.

A Matter of Life & Death has four maps which puts you in control of Alita, a Dark Priest who has both Life and Death magic as she finds the Ring of Light and Cloak of Darkness. Fortunately, you also get Allendale who helps you out with morale as well as his tactical bonuses.

The Gathering Storm has three maps and can only be accessed once all of the other campaigns are finished. You get control of the five heroes and five combination artifacts to defeat a powerful foe.