Peasant Pic

A Peasant as it appears in HoMMV.

The Peasants in Heroes of Might and Magic V are pretty much the same as they've been since their initial debut in the first Heroes. They have gotten fatter, though, which may explain their hit point increase. In the beginning of the game, peasants are useful for their role as cannon fodder. No matter when you have them, though, their taxpayer ability is handy, especially since they breed like rabbits given Viagra. Later on, they're really only useful in large, large quantities. (You're going to spook someone when they see Zounds... in there). Upgrades to Conscripts, or Brutes with the Tribes of the East expansion.

Game DescriptionEdit

Peasants are the basic infantry of the Holy Griffin Empire. Though weak and poorly trained, they are numerous. Peasants are an important source of revenue for their masters.


Faction: Haven

Cost 15 gold
Attack 1
Defense 1
Damage 1
Hit Points 3
Range None
Morale 0
Luck 0
Speed 4
Initiative 8


  • Living Creature: This creature is living so it can be resurrected.
  • Taxpayer: Every day the hero gets as many units of gold as there are creatures with this ability in all their armies and castles. In other words, if a hero had 42 peasants in his group and 14 peasants garrisoned at the castle, that hero would get 56 gold per day from those peasants.
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