About meEdit

Well, I am a fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic series (obviously). As the name implies, I prefer the Sylvan Faction over the other factions, as it suits my own personality. I enjoy making maps in my spare time (for many different games), and I spent about 3 months learning how to script for Heroes V (self-taught). I think outside of the box, as I do not like to restrict myself to "Oh this works the best for [Insert Object Here]" or other so-called 'suggestions'. If you look at my script works, I am very complexive, and I am willing to share my vast knowledge with anyone who asks. The one thing I hate about Human Nature is how we tend to overlook many benefital discoveries or we fail to examine something in-depth.

My Favorite Sayings Edit

Knowledge Begins in Wonder - its so true. You wonder about something and you tend to study it.

Solutions only lead to more problems - a pestimistic statement about life, though we deny it, it is too true.

Creation can not exist without destruction - a very true statement. You can't create without destroying something. I figured this one out myself.

Only death wins at war. - very true. If you can't understand it, think deeply about it.

My Favorites Edit

My favorite factions are usualy nature based. My favorite games are usualy strategic or adventure games (I have been playing strategic games for 6 years BTW). If I were a hero class, I would definetly be a Heroes IV Druid.

My contributionsEdit

Over my time here, I am definetly going to contribute to this community. If you read some of my pages, you may learn some of my findings over the year I have played Heroes V or the two years of Heroes IV. Just watch what I do and mimic it, thats how I learned when I couldnt teach myself.

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